15th and 16th of February

Vaper Expo UK 2020 –Olympia London

It was in last weekend that our trip to London concluded with a perfect ending. The Vaper Expo UK has continued to grow into a world-renowned event for e-cig manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors and is now the biggest, best, and most must-attend vape convention in Europe. Held in London on the 15th and 16th of February, the Vaper Expo UK gathers the newest and most sought-after manufacturers and products. It builds brand recognition entirely targeted towards e-cigarette vendors and consumers. Standing out as medium wattage atomizer, INNOPHASE's GOTI caught visitors' sight on its non-button setting. Three wattage levels from 10w to 16w provide a personal demand of vaping, and finely-crafted chassis also offers an excellent touch in hand. Our new products have already appeared on the market, and other useful vaping devices are pending to be found at INNOPHASE. The world's factory is experiencing the cataclysm of limited production, and suffering from supply chain disruption. Most manufacturers in China are unable to produce normally and many factories are far from returning to work. Now the rapid response of production becomes the key to close the deal. INNOPHASE rigorously controls the quality of each vaping device and puts consumers' profit in the first place. Stay tuned for our new arrivals!

VAPEXPO 2019 Moscow

Recently, FOGWARE has attended into VAPEXPO 2019 Moscow, and our products especially the portable e-cig VPOD have impressed the visitors deeply and gained consistent praise. In the end of November to the beginning of December, FOGWARE has finished the last exhibition of VAPEXPO 2019 Moscow—the only CIS international vape industry exhibition for presenting and testing new products of the vape industry through the vaping community and manufacturers. From 30th November to 1st December, many attendees gave high compliments to the delicate V-BANK and caught their eyes on the charging aspect. FOGWARE are inspired to burst out massive new vaping ideas from this trip on Moscow.


30th November~1st December

January 29-31, 2020

Tobacco Plus Expo 2020 (TPE20)

2020 is another year that INNOPHASE has been with you! Looking back on the last mount, we had significantly benefited from many lovely friends and Tobacco Plus Expo 2020. Happened January 29-31, 2020, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Tobacco Plus Expo 2020 (TPE 2020) is the first major B2B tradeshow of the year for the tobacco-related business. As an annual event, the TPE Expo provides a vast stage where manufacturers and suppliers exhibit their tobacco products and related merchandise to buyers of these products. We INNOPHASE successfully unveiled our new arrivals in this can’t-miss event. Over a three-day show in Las Vegas, most of our friends were attracted to our disposable TakTak and CUREONE. Lightweight and stylish TakTak with the aesthetic appeal of chewing gum has differed from the routinized AIO vape. Various bright colors and multi-flavor specialize for your personal taste while dedicating to young people fashion. Perfect in nightlife style, CUREONE lets you immerse yourself in the dance, and each puff illumes the built-in breathing light. In the forthcoming days, more disposable devices and pod systems at INNOPHASE are developing to meet our customer demands!


12th-14th November

Tabexpo Amsterdam 2019

For Tabexpo Amsterdam 2019 in 12th -14th November, FOGWARE is full of passion to participate in this huge event. Promoted as “the one and only”, this exhibition is the only trade show solely dedicated to the tobacco and nicotine industry and comes with 114 traditional tobacco companies, and 42 e-cigarette and next generation product companies, and about 4,000 visitors from around the globe. Meeting many potential visitors and visiting local vape shops, FOGWARE has great confidence to launch our new satisfying products continually.


9th-10th November

VapItaly Pro 2019

VapItaly Pro 2019 is the most popular e-cigarette exhibition in Italy, hosted in 9th-10th November. This reliable reference point in the field of e-cigarettes for B2B connection has 85 exhibitors from all over the world with 2,159 visitors. The rich schedule of laws and regulations, financial management and communication seminars, and the participation of professional speakers and industry associations are beneficial to FOGWARE further strategy as the rich vaping knowledge reserve. FOGWARE excellent products displayed at the exhibition was highly recognized by visitors and users.


22nd~24th July San Jose,USA

Cannabis Business Summit & Expo

The Cannabis Business Summit & Expo, hosted by the cannabis industry’s largest and most respected trade association— National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA).

CannaBizSummit is the industry’s only premier, business-to-business event empowering the industry through education and commerce. The show embodies NCIA’s core values – education, advocacy, and community – to deliver invaluable insights and best practices to both the novice and experienced business owner. Through this exhibition, FOGWARE introduced a disposable electronic atomization product for THC/CBD to the market. As the new product continues our design expertise, the product has received wide attention and consistent praise.


8th July 2019 | Essen, Germany

2019 Red Dot Awards Ceremony

The distinction "Red Dot" has become established internationally as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design.

On July 8, 2019, at the German Red Dot Awards Ceremony, Red Dot founder Dr. Peter Zec and former German Industrial Design Award Chairman Eckstein presented the awards to the winners.After fierce competition from more than 5,500 works of 55 countries, FOGWARE's portable e-cig VPOD won the Red Dot Best Product Design Award, which is the only award-winning e-cig product of this year. We will adhere to the world's industrial design top-level to present the best products to our customers, and always adhere to the ingenuity on the way forward.

红点小卡530_画板 1 副本 2.png

March 2019 | Essen

FOGWARE is a company based on the design of new electronic cigarette products. Our products have been awarded the Best Product Design Award of 2019 by the German Red Dot. This is the highest evaluation of our team in the industrial design field. Thanks to the efforts of the entire team, FOGWARE will move forward and continue to explore.


11th March 2019 



1st~13th, February 2019 | Las Vegas

Tobacco Plus Expo International

FOGWARE launched the PK005 new product line design at this exhibition, which has attracted the attention of customers from all over the world. The design of the PK005 is inspired by the knight's inspiration, the perfect embodiment of solidity and dexterity. During the show, we also promoted the V01 project for CA SHOPS (France), which further provided the promotion foundation for the North American market of V01 products. FOGWARE regards customers as partners and provides a co-marketing approach. We provide promotion and marketing assistance to our partners' new products in key exhibitions in all regions of the world.


17th January 2019 



This device complies with part 15 of  the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the condition that this device does not cause harmful interference.

17th January 2019 


Certificate of Compliance

17th January 2019 




10th January 2019 




8th January 2019 


Certificate of Compliance

8th January 2019 



This device complies with part 15 of  the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the condition that this device does not cause harmful interference.

7th January 2019 



26th ~28th October 2018 | Birmingham 

Vaper Expo UK

As an important market for global electronic cigarettes, FOGWARE assisted CA SHOPS to participate in Vaper Expo in Birmingham, UK. Different from the last Paris exhibition, CA SHOPS exhibited V-Bank, an important accessory product of the V01 project. In just three days of the exhibition, CA SHOPS received considerable orders for the release of new products.


6th~8th October 2018 | Paris


FOGWARE's V01 project, which was specially customized for its loyal customer CA SHOPS in France. As the first exhibition, V01 received a lot of attention and praise at the VAPEXPO in Paris.

V01's design concept fully considers the portability and practicality of e-cigarettes, and its sleek design makes the product stand out from other competitors.

Vapexpo Paris 2018 logo.png